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test storage below -80°C

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We offer electrical cryo cooling solutions below -80°C
An experienced network
of development, production and service.

The cooperation network

TEKO is producing refrigeration components, multi compressor system and control electronics of Wurm systems for the refrigeration technology market more then 35 years. TEKO is offering functioning all-inclusive packages including solution suggestions, consultations, software packages, trainings und Support. TEKO is manufacturing more than 5000 large cooling systems very year. 4500 ready-to-assemblies every month. 50.000 items stored on average.

STRATOX is manufacturing complex refrigerants more than 15 years. STRATOX is specialised in ultra-low temperature refrigeration. STRATOX refrigerants enables with high levels of efficiency to cool to near liquid Nitrogen Temperatures.

DRUSCHKE is experianced in industrial service more than 25 years. Within the cryo-technology department DRUSCHKE is focusing on servicing ultra low temperature cryo cooling systems. DRUSCHKE has been certified in compliance with §6 of the German ‘ChemKlimaschutzV’ since 2005.

The company

j3cryo is a start-up company specialised in ultra-low electrical cryo cooling below -80°C. Call it a storage, reefer or chamber. We make rooms cold!

j3cryo is a join venture company founded by Stratox and Druschke.

Within the last two years j3cryo has established a stable supply chain. Together with our network partners TEKO, STRATOX and DRUSCHKE we have managed to “build and produce” a great unique product! Our test cold storage setup is in operation and we would be glad to welcome interested customers.